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A Joy to barfine

Joy is typical of the Filipina from the province that comes to the big city looking for work. She hops of the bus with that lost look of bewilderment and the Filipino pimps recognize her immediately for another fresh pussy. If she is lucky the pimps take her to the bars where the tourists frequent and be treated well.  If she ends up in a Filipino bar or KTV she may not be treated so well and will be encouraged to borrow money from the bay making her indentured labor unable to leave.

Joy here was one of the lucky ones and her transformation from the shy nervous provincial girl into the naughty little whore took less than a week.   When she arrived had only had sex with her boyfriend a few times and then with the lights out many behind a tree.  Before she would not even let her boyfriend see her naked but a customer paying her barfine now can enjoy watching her play with her pussy and then get to fuck her ass off.

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Bargirl Gangbang

Back home where pussy is at a premium finding a slut that will let you and your buddy fuck her is a wild awesome experience but when you go to Asia pussy is in abundance so the idea of two guys sharing one does not appeal to many guys when there is an opportunity to have the reverse fantasy and take two or more girls back to your hotel and have them all working on your cock.

If you have never participated in a gangbang then you are missing one hell of an experience.  There is something about a slut taking on two or more cocks and trying to please each one.  This is when the true inner slut is released and the girl starts to operate instinctively.  This is where the expression cock hungry slut comes from.   Sure you can get a single cock hungry bitch but give the same girl two or more cocks and see what happens.

This video shows an Asian bargirl whore enjoying two cocks.  Watch her enjoyment as she has two cocks to play with.  Is this something you would like try when you go to Asia?

Private Soapy Massage Service

I love a good soapy massage or body slide.   When in Bangkok I will sometimes go late at night after barhopping if nothing stunning has grabbed my attention.  Sometimes I like the idea of enjoying a nice sensual and erotic soapy with a happy ending and then going to my room and sleeping alone.  I often seep better that way.

My friend told me about Mia offering a great private soapy in her own apartment.  She does not advertise and its all by word of mouth.   My friend raved so much about it I had to try her out.

As I said the soapy is normally a late night ritual for me but I arranged to visit her apartment in the afternoon.   She has a great body but so many of the Thai girls do.

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She did everything the normal soapy massage girls do and more but there was something special in her touch.  She just made your hairs stand on end with excitement.   I did not even get to fuck her as I lost my load during the body slide.   Now that is very unusual for me.   Fuck she was good…

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Thai Beer Garden Girl

Met this older bar girl in a beer garden. I have to admit I was pretty drunk at the time but none the less she gave a first class job and despite being drunk she got me off once before I went to sleep and then I woke to find her sucking my cock the next morning and I just closed my eyes and let it all happen.

She certainly knew her stuff…

She is a sex goddess – well maybe not in appearance but in technique.  She knew every trick in the book and when I was coming she jammed her finger into my ass pressing against the prostate for one of the most intensive orgasms of my life.

She really knew how to fuck…

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When I contrast her to the girl I had the previous night fresh from the province and super cute but did not even want to try any other position accept missionary and did not do blow jobs.  For an Asian Whore Experience does make a difference…

Bar girl with big tits

Video captures of the amazing bar girl with big tits

I do love a big set of tits but for me they have to be firm.  Jenny is a Manila bar girl with a naturally big boobs and they are full and firm.  She had two friends and they were playing around on stage and I thought it would be fun to keep them together.

I summoned them to come and sit with me for Ladies drink.  After finger pointing between them they realized I meant all of them and they all smiled and almost ran to my table.  They all introduced themselves (I cannot even remember the names of the other two girls) and ordered a round of Tequila and suggested body shots.

A body shot is when they get a lemon and rub it over a part of their body and then add salt.  After sculling the Tequila they lick the salty lemon of the body.  It’s common for guys to allow the girls to rub it on the breasts or in some of the naughty bars other parts.

For me there was only one place and that was Jenny’s big breasts.   Each girl selected a breast and prepared it and then after downing the Tequila licked and sucked on her breasts like they had not had sustenance for a week.   Very nice and a huge turn on for me.

Jenny did a body shot on the smaller breast of one of the other girls and then let me suck on both her breasts and while I was doing so reached down to my pants.  Detecting it was “awake” she gestured to the other girls who also have a feel.

It was then that one of the other girls suggested that we continue the fun back in my hotel room.  The other girls said nothing but looked at me expectantly indicating they were in agreement.   I had ordered a second round of drinks and the girls repeated the body shots after which they went off to change.

Back at the hotel it was heaven and the girls were not shy when I got the video camera out.   They all took turns sucking me and then fucking me but all the time the big tits of Jenny were my focus.

As you can see from my video captures it was a lot of fun.  If you want to see more pics and the full movie you can >>> MORE HERE <<<



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Asian Sex Trip Report

Here is a real typical trip report…
(Names of bars and girls have been changed)

Day 1
Got into late but managed to get to the bars by 12:30. So many stunning girls it was hard to choose. Went back to the room with one I finally picked and damn she was hot. Great in bed that night and when I was surprised to get a wake up at 9am by wanting more. She said "Honey, I want boom-boom again, please”. Well I couldn't refuse her could I so she gave me an excellent BJ the I let her on top for some grinding she was done in 5-6 minutes and I fished her off.

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Day 2
I slept until 3PM and after having a brunch I got ready for the evening. I planned to hit about 6 bars but only made it to one. WOW!!!! Some good looking girls and I picked 2 to come off stage. In about 2 hours I had 6 girls sitting with me and was buying lots of drinks but was not pressured by any girls. Kept going and I was fucked up. At about 10pm I said I would bare fine two. A couple other girls started begging so I took three. Only planning to sleep with one and bar-hop with the others. We did some bar hopping but after a few minutes in another bar I was done. I said lets go and all the girls came up to my room. I got there and the main girl I was with started getting naked and told one of the others to get undressed. I was amazed a little as I really hadn't gave it much thought for two girls. So I was getting the good treatment BJ Licking sucking and fucking from both. Since I had a bad case of the whisky dick it was hard for me to unload. The main girl told the last girl to get naked and fuck me now. She complied and I had all three in the bed at the same time. The other 2 girls left after the finally finished me and my main girl stayed all night. We woke up and she given me one hell of a BJ and then climbed on top creaming herself in less than 5 minutes. And she really did cream good. Her pussy was filled with her woman juice. I let her leave around 10am and said I would drop by at one of the show bars today.

Day 3
Got started early at the bars. Some nice lookers on the day shift but nothing special. Went to another bar and only one nice cherry girl (Virgin) in the place. Went to another bar. I was really disappointed here, not a girl struck me as a stunner. Couple cuties but It may be a day shift thing. There uniforms look like diapers. I had high hopes but was letdown. I will give it another look at night.
Went to show bar and it was awesome. Met some other fellow countrymen and got to see a great show. This is a good club no doubt.  I then headed to another bar to look for Ann, a girl I had seen in the Christmas in August Pics from the bars website. Didn't see her right away but this is still one of my favorite places. Great looking girls. Well after about 10 minutes Ann tapped me on the shoulder. I didn't see her coming either so I was surprised it was her. We had a couple drinks and I barfined her. We hopped over to a Disco and I was amazed at the beauty of this place. Good place but they need to loose the men dancers. Ann was terrible in bed. She said she was only been deflowered about 3 weeks ago.

Asian Bargirls will lick your balls and ass
Thai Sex Tourism
Thai Sex Tourism

Day 4
Today was nothing less than a blast. Started out at small bar and the just got in a whole new shift of girls to open in the day. Had a couple drinks with a nice looker. Then moved on to a new club. Lot of girls in there. I did notice that they had a few oldies up dancing but they have a nice line up of young girls. One is absolutely a 10 out of 10.

Day 5
Next stop was to check out sleazy blow job bars. This was about 5:30 and I walked all the way down past the bars and a group of fine ass girls were headed my direction. One stunner latched hold of me and said lets go bar hopping. Okay and a whole lot guys in the bars were saying you go man and laughing. Well we got to the girls bar about 30 minutes before opening . 70+ girls in the bar already but no music. What were the girls doing? they were all on stage changing into the bikinis. Aint seen so many boobies in one place at one time. Very erotic as some of the flaunted the possessions in front of me. Not just tits either plenty of pussy. Many stunners here and at 70+ girls anyone can find what they like in her. Next off to my favorite bar for little fun. Some lookers but went over to the bar and sat With a receptionist (not a dancer). Somehow I wound up with 5 receptionists all sitting in line behind me. I said wow!!! who let you all on the bus and that’s when the fun started. The girl in front of me said "I'm the driver and we off. We rocked and swayed for an hour plus to the music and made quit a a lot of noise. I bought three rounds a ladies drinks so dropped some change in here. This bar has the wildest girls so far. After that I was beat a little drunk. So I headed over to show bar I went to before, I think this place is my hangout. Had a couple drinks and barfined my two ladies from night 2. Would have took the third but she was hammered. Had for rounds with the ladies upstairs in my room and both were begging for more. Booth got on top and unleashed there pussies one after the other. What can you say, had some good morning wood or I would have a least one disappointed honey. Just sent them on their way all satisfied.

Extreme Abuse of Asian Bargirls
Extreme Anal Abuse
Extreme Anal Abuse

Day 5
Today started a little late than others. Got to the bars about 6pm. Not much in the first bar at all. Only 2 girls I would even entertain the thought of barfining. My plan was to bar hop down to as far as I could back toward the wild bar hitting most the bars to check out the line-ups. I hit a few more along the way and the quality improved in each bar as I got closer to the main area. A few bars had some real nice lookers. Well after hitting as many as I could I headed to the wild bar because they were having a party. Had a great time in her and found a sweet honey to sit by me. Her name was Lek and she was a beauty. Small girl but a beautiful face and nice rack. Partied at the wild bar and tried to help her win the dance contest. We came up a little short as the owner and his girl had there eyes on another girl. Anyway she won second place and got a prize and she was happy. At least some of the money I spent on votes came back to her. Got a little drunk and decided to call it a night and go ahead and barfine her. Got back to the room and we got busy. Okay in bed and a real tight pussy. She has some beautiful eyes and she would look up at me like a little puppy dog. Needless to say she new She had me over a barrel as she would just sit and smile looking up at me. May pay her another visit.

Day 6
Another great day. Wanted to pick up where I left off before going to wild bar the night before. So I headed back to the bar with the good lookers and hit all the rest of the bars toward main area. All the bars had some stunners and a variety of different looks. Oh well, took me 5 hours to hit them all and it was 11pm. My three girls (Group Of four) had the day off so I decided to head there as I know I would see them as soon as I arrived. Saw one in the club out of uniform and as soon as she saw me the cell phone was out the pocket calling the other three. The others arrived soon and said they were planing to go to the beach next day. I said okay we go but no barfine tonight. Okay and moma said if you late tomorrow you pay barfine 4 girls. I said okay what the hell I needed a good day trip. Well three girls right away wanted to go back to my room anyway. These were the three from my first night I had in bed at the same time. They brought the other girl along as well so we headed to the hotel. Once inside the room the main girl, as I like to call her, ordered me to fuck the new girl first. So it was on!!! the new girl and I got to it and the other three joined the action massaging feeling and kissing each other. It was absolutely mind blowing. One after the other they mounted me. I didn't have to move, they did all the work. The new girl finished and one other also did. Then my main girl jumped on top and also finished and finished me as well. Didn't get a go at the last girl again so I now for sure she didn't finish. Remember I have not paid the barfine for any of these girls.

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Day 7
Well we all wake up with about 4 hrs of sleep and there ready to head out to the beach.  So we head out and are joined by two more girls in the group. I said to myself here is where I am about to get bitten for 6 barfines if we are late getting back tonight. So I said if we are late I am not buying the other two girls. They said no its their day off and we all go okay. So I agreed and off we went. Had a private van take us all there. Here in the mountains of province is where I am reminded why these girls can do what they do. We visit each of there families homes with a stop to pickup my main girls baby. She did not want to let me walk the small narrow washed out trail down to her house. She said she was embarrassed and I would laugh at her small house. I said I have been to other provinces and see it all before. Well I was not prepared for this. I was saddened to see this. A small house was not even close to describing it. It was more like the size of an outhouse. The family met us outside and you could see the poor condition of all the family members. Then one of the sisters brought out my girls baby who was just unbelievably healthy, clean with new cloths and shoes. She was so beautiful and well taken care of. Now I saw in my heart how she loved this child and would do anything to take care of it. We visited each of the other girls homes who in not much better shape. It then dawned on me that they are all friends so I ask, how long have you all known each other? They had all grown up together and came to the bars together to help there families. They are a group and stay as a group in bars. With reality back with me we go to the beach and to eat. We head back to bars and yes we are late. I pay the four barfines and off to the hotel. I make it with 2 of the girls and that’s all I can do. Dead tired. And we sleep.

Day 8
Hit the wild bar about 10pm but all the lookers were gone. Decided to head over to another bar to check things out. Still had allot of girls and Kim was still there. Called her down from the stage and she was happy to see me again. We had a few drinks and then I decided to call three more girls over for a drink. We had our drinks and I decided to bar fine Kim. Before she left to change the others were begging to go along. I told Kim to change but I will go ahead and bar fine them but don't tell them. Let them beg to you get back. Oh boy they begged. I kept say I can't, not tonight just playing along knowing I was going to when Kim got back. When she got back I started to laugh and said to the others, go change!!! The bolted like rabbits and were back in minutes. We bar hopped to a few other bars. We later retired to the room and I let them order room service. They ate and I let the other girls go as Kim is no way going join in any multiple games. This girl has a lot of potential and is as sweet as they come. At only 2 months from being deflowered you can't expect much but I will teach her. This will be the best teaching experience ever.

Filipina Bargirls Teen Slut
Filipina LBFM Slut

Day 9
Kim stuck around all day. I got a couple calls from some other three bar girls wanting me to come by and see them. I stayed in bed with Kim instead. At About 4 pm I took Kim to her bar and paid the barfine.  I then told her I needed to get some money and would come back.  I visit the girls and they are all keen for a group session again but I decide to spend the nite with Kim instead.  I buy them drinks and promise I will come back to see them another time.  They are disappointed but happy to receive the drinks.  I return to Kim’s bar and we call 6 other girls down for drinks and I bought several rounds. I was getting pretty full. I told the girls 7 in all to change, We are going bar hopping and then swimming at the hotel so grab you swim suits. I paid there bar fines and two girls that had been barfined and returned to the club joined with us. We finished are drinks and headed for the pool at the hotel with my 9 girls in tow we went out the door. 

We got upstairs and I let them use my DV video camera where several put on an exciting little show. I then said change, lets go to the pool. They all changed some even right in front of me. Went to the pool and had a blast for a couple hours. Back up in the room the girls changed and played with the video camera. I then let all 9 girls order room service and we ate and joked around till the sun came up. The girls then left me to Kim and we had a wonderful morning together. I'm really getting close to Kim now. I have allot of photos and several hours of video

Day 10
We went off to Kim’s the bar. She is happy as we go to the bar together. I will pay her bar fine tonight as well and she holds me close all night. We call a few old friends down from the stage for some drinks and have some great fun. They let me take some close photo shots of the girls during a show. I think I take well over 75 photos in the bar this night alone. I have some really good pics. Several girls are sitting with us.  Tonight is my last night.  Tomorrow I will say goodbye to Kim

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