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Bar girl with big tits

Video captures of the amazing bar girl with big tits

I do love a big set of tits but for me they have to be firm.  Jenny is a Manila bar girl with a naturally big boobs and they are full and firm.  She had two friends and they were playing around on stage and I thought it would be fun to keep them together.

I summoned them to come and sit with me for Ladies drink.  After finger pointing between them they realized I meant all of them and they all smiled and almost ran to my table.  They all introduced themselves (I cannot even remember the names of the other two girls) and ordered a round of Tequila and suggested body shots.

A body shot is when they get a lemon and rub it over a part of their body and then add salt.  After sculling the Tequila they lick the salty lemon of the body.  It’s common for guys to allow the girls to rub it on the breasts or in some of the naughty bars other parts.

For me there was only one place and that was Jenny’s big breasts.   Each girl selected a breast and prepared it and then after downing the Tequila licked and sucked on her breasts like they had not had sustenance for a week.   Very nice and a huge turn on for me.

Jenny did a body shot on the smaller breast of one of the other girls and then let me suck on both her breasts and while I was doing so reached down to my pants.  Detecting it was “awake” she gestured to the other girls who also have a feel.

It was then that one of the other girls suggested that we continue the fun back in my hotel room.  The other girls said nothing but looked at me expectantly indicating they were in agreement.   I had ordered a second round of drinks and the girls repeated the body shots after which they went off to change.

Back at the hotel it was heaven and the girls were not shy when I got the video camera out.   They all took turns sucking me and then fucking me but all the time the big tits of Jenny were my focus.

As you can see from my video captures it was a lot of fun.  If you want to see more pics and the full movie you can >>> MORE HERE <<<



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